Imagine a pair of stockings that will never run…..

A tire that will never run out of air or need a plug……

A fabric that will not stain, absorb moisture or mildew??????

We are still waiting for the stockings and the tire, but the superhero of fabrics is here:


Here’s the scoop on CRYPTON.  This company is green and has a patented process engineered right into the fabric, encapsulating each and every thread with “Repel and Release” fibers that form a barrier to moisture, stains, odor, mildew and bacteria.  Genius, right?  The stain doesn’t have a chance to set.  I have never been so excited about fabric in my life.  Pass the Cheetos, call the dog up for some sofa ball, and red wine is now allowed in the house!!!

cheetoscrayons dog sofa











Check out this video that gives cleaning information:

Also, the fabrics are soft to the hand, durable, and the color selections are beautiful.  You can find incredible prices at The Fabric Mill: SHOP CRYPTON FABRICS NOW

Happy Decorating,





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