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004They say people get more close-minded as they age, but that doesn’t seem to be my situation.  Yes, my tastes have changed…I have grown more open-minded about what I like.  Recently, I put together a group of new fabrics and trims for a photo:

When I started walking around The Fabric Mill, I knew I was looking for a collage of fabrics and trims.  I did not have a game plan, but you can see that I ended up with bright, happy fabrics that were full of spit and vinegar.  Subconsciously, I needed cheering up after losing my wonderful mother, my doggie, and being diagnosed with breast cancer all within the same year.  I gravitated toward these fabrics full of life.

Does that mean I don’t like monochromatic?  No, I do.  Just not right now.

Happy Decorating,