Flat Fold / Classic Roman Shade

Discover the timeless appeal of classic Roman blinds and classic fold Roman shades with our exquisite collection. How do Roman shades work? Classic Roman shades operate by a system of cords and rings, which allow the shade to be easily raised or lowered, creating neat horizontal folds.

Explore different types of classic Roman shades. Choose from various Roman shades styles, including banded Roman shades, soft fold Roman shades, toile Roman shades, hobbled Roman shades, teal Roman shades, and tulip Roman shades. Patterned Roman shades and flat fold Roman shades are perfect for those seeking a more contemporary look.

Not sure which type is right for you? Explore the visual differences between cellular shades vs Roman shades, and roller shades vs Roman shades, to make an informed decision. For instance, relaxed Roman shade valance and waterfall shades will provide a more casual, laid-back style for your windows.

We offer a wide selection of fabric for Roman shades to help you create the perfect classic Roman blinds for your home. Choose from our extensive range of fabric for Roman shades to create the perfect classic Roman blinds.

Sample Designs