Contemporary and geometric design fabrics

Contemporary fabric adds a chic touch to any space, making it a great choice for anyone looking to update their home. Our store sells geometric fabric by the yard, perfect for creating standout home decor. With a variety of Contemporary fabrics, they are ideal for trendy upholstery or any of your ideas. Read more
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Introduction to Contemporary Fabric

This Contemporary fabric design, newly redone with fresh and modern fabrics, is perfect for your room to set the trend in looks. Contemporary fabric by the yard is perfect for all DIY projects and reupholstery. Among the Contemporary prints, there are so many to choose from, you will surely find something you like.

Contemporary Fabric Use Cases

Today's Contemporary fabrics are highly versatile and have the capability to complement, and in most cases, overpower, the style set in almost all home decor applications. From curtains to upholstery, these fabrics can be very trendy yet functional. These are great for people looking for something to spice up their living environment.

Contemporary Upholstery Fabric

Contemporary fabrics are perfect for upholstering furniture, giving it a modern look. Any piece can be transformed with the right fabric, whether it’s a Contemporary fabric sofa, modern fabric couch, or modern fabric dining room chairs. Most modern upholstery fabrics are both durable and stylish, thereby perfectly suited for constant everyday use.

Contemporary Curtains

Contemporary curtains and drapes can quickly change the look of any room to modern with very little effort. Freshen up your apartment with Contemporary curtains for the living room, or Contemporary bedroom curtains, available in a variety of modern fabric patterns that help you finish the look with light filtration and privacy. In addition, Contemporary patterned curtains, as well as Contemporary blackout curtains, are practical and pleasant choices for every room.

Contemporary Fabric for Home Decor and Contemporary Bedding

Beyond upholstery and curtains, Contemporary fabric is excellent for creating decorative home accents. Throw, cushion, pillow, Contemporary table runner —these pieces all serve as quick and easy refreshers to a room's decor, providing color, texture, and pattern. While talking about bedrooms, Contemporary bedding sets add modern elegance.

Contemporary Fabric in Living Spaces

Modern fabric choices extend to such places as the dining room. Modern fabric upholstery of the chairs would give a chic and warm ambiance. In the living spaces, the Contemporary fabric sofas can serve as an elite point that blends comfort with stunning design. These are the representative options that a modern style should be functional and beautiful.

Contemporary Fabric for Outdoors

Modern outdoor fabric is designed to be long-lasting enough to handle the weather, but still adds an eye-catching design. For example, at the most valued outside living spaces: whether it be garden seating areas, poolside lounges, or dining settings. These fabrics combine modern fabric patterns with strength that makes them durable while still looking elegant.

Contemporary Fabric in Interior Design

Contemporary fabric is great for many interior design styles that mix modern looks with comfort. It works well in minimalist, modern, and eclectic rooms. The patterns, bold or subtle, add depth and make the room more interesting, making this fabric popular among homeowners.

Geometric Print Fabric

The geometric print is perfect for modern interior design because it offers a neat and tidy look. Geometric-patterned fabric is a great option for modern and minimalist decor. Providing a strong visual contrast, the fabric attracts attention and disposes of itself. Black and white geometric fabric, in particular, creates a bold and sophisticated effect, perfect for accent pieces like throw pillows and rugs.

Contemporary Floral Fabric

Contemporary floral fabric brings a delicate, natural touch to a modern space without overwhelming it. This type of fabric uses less traditional, more graphic floral patterns that fit well with modern design. At the same time, modern floral upholstery fabric is ideal for adding bright colors and freshness to furniture.

Bright Tones of Modern Fabric

Contemporary toile fabric and Contemporary Christmas fabric create a special atmosphere with a modern twist. These fabrics often feature classic designs in new colors or sizes that look great in Contemporary settings. They are perfect for making a statement in a room, whether it's through curtains, furniture, or decorative pillows.

General Facts about Contemporary Fabric

Contemporary fabrics are flexible materials used in many home decor projects to give rooms a modern look. You can find it in many patterns, like geometric, floral, and toile, which are great for furniture, curtains, and decorative touches. These fabrics not only make a room look and feel better, but they are also functional and long-lasting.

Now, let's look at a table summarizing the characteristics of Contemporary fabrics:


Contemporary Fabric Details

Use Cases

Window treatments, slipcovers, bedding, table coverings, cushions, upholstery, curtains, pillows, throws, home decor


Depends on the fabric type; varies from 15,000 to 50,000 double rubs typical


Varies from lightweight for curtains to heavy for upholstery, depends on the fabric type


Sheer to opaque depending on the intended use


High color retention depends on the fabric type, especially in synthetic blends


Depends on the fabric type, but in most cases low shrinkage, especially in synthetic and blended fabrics

Pilling Resistance

Varies depending on fabric type, in tightly woven or knitted fabrics - particularly high 

Stain Resistance

Often treated for enhanced stain resistance

Odor Resistance

Varies depending on the fabric type


Varies depending on fabric type, some fabrics are available in water-resistant finishes for outdoor use

Fire Resistance

Varies depending on fabric type, some fabrics can be treated for fire resistance in upholstery applications

Aesthetic Qualities

Modern patterns and designs, including bold and subtle styles

Interior Design Styles

Fits well in minimalist, modern, and transitional interiors

Natural vs Synthetic

Varies depending on fabric type - Both available


Varies depending on fabric type - Both available

Main Benefits

Stylish, versatile

Frequently Asked Questions About Contemporary Fabric

What is Contemporary Fabric?

Contemporary fabric is a modern, stylish material used in home decor and furniture. These fabrics can be made from natural fibers such as cotton and wool, or they could be synthetic ones like polyester and nylon, or a combination of both.

How to Wash and Clean Contemporary Fabric?

When you care for Contemporary fabrics, always follow the instructions on the label. Most of the synthetic fabrics usually tolerate gentle washing in cold water by machine with a mild detergent. Natural fibers sometimes require hand washing or even dry-cleaning in order not to get damaged.

How Durable is Contemporary Fabric?

The durability of the modern cloth is subject to its weaving and materials. The upholstery fabric could be pretty durable, often withstanding up to 30,000 rubs in abrasion tests. Fabric for decorative trim is poorly durable, but it's executed in a manner to endure for a long time per style.

What is Contemporary Fabric Good to Use?

Contemporary fabrics are ideal for many home uses. Usually, people use this type of fabric to upholster their sofas and chairs, as it's strong and comes in various designs. Even cushion covers can be made from it, or perhaps wall hangings and curtains. Such flexibility of the fabric clearly states the popularity of enhancing all kinds of spaces with it.