Nautical coastal design fabrics

Nautical fabric, Coastal fabric, and beach fabric bring all the flavor of the sea into your own home. In our store you can find Nautical fabric by the yard and a large selection of shells, anchors and stripes that are perfect to add a touch of beach vibe to your space. Whether you decide on Coastal fabric by the yard or some of the beach fabrics, they can completely transform any space. In our store, you can find many kinds of beach fabric by the yard to make any kind of room have that perfect Coastal feel. Read more
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Allow the sea into your home with the Nautical Coastal design fabrics. Fish print fabric, Nautical theme fabric, and sailboat print create an atmosphere relaxing for oceans. You will find in our Nautical material fabric, beach-themed fabric, and Coastal fabrics a tremendous selection to serve your decor.

Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics Use Cases

Meeting the needs of many home decorators in many types of at-home projects. The Nautical Coastal themes bring the sea right into all living areas of the house, making your home feel exactly like a comfy, warm beach house. Now let's take a look at some common uses for the sea fabrics.

Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics Upholstery and Re-Upholstery

Give your furniture a whole new life with Nautical upholstery fabric. Put these fabrics in the form of a sofa, side chair, or headboard in a sea-themed design. Or even take some well-loved furniture and make it into some Coastal magic with these exquisite beach-themed upholstery fabrics.

Nautical Fabric for Curtains, Drapes, and Window Treatments

Create stunning window treatments with Nautical fabric for curtains. From Nautical curtains to beach-themed curtains, Nautical blackout curtains, and others, they all conspire to bring the ocean indoors. Add in the perfect Nautical curtain rods and Nautical fabric panels for a complete Coastal look.

Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics Home Decor

A decorative Nautical throw pillows would simply dress up the couch in the living room. With Nautical bed sheets, Nautical bed comforters, and Nautical bedding sets, your house will add a touch of tranquility to your bedroom. For the bathroom, Nautical fabric shower curtains or beach shower curtains are perfect to bring in a seaside vibe.

Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics for Other Popular Uses

Of a Nautical theme, Nautical quilting fabric and fish pattern quilt fabrics run. If your patio requires a fresh look, perhaps Nautical outdoor fabric or Coastal outdoor fabric is the solution. Nautical outdoor pillows, cushions, and seats - Nautical design will make any place look better.

Colors and Patterns in Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics

Choosing the right colors and patterns is essential for achieving the perfect Nautical Coastal look. From classic Nautical stripes to vibrant beach prints, these designs can bring a refreshing and calming atmosphere to any room. Let's explore some popular patterns in this style.

Nautical Patterns

Nautical cotton fabric often features classic motifs like anchors, ships, and ropes. Nautical stripe fabric is a timeless choice, offering clean lines and distinct ocean feel. You can also find Nautical prints that bring a sense of adventure and maritime history, including vintage Nautical prints for a more nostalgic touch.

Coastal and Beach Patterns

Beach design fabric captures the essence of a seaside retreat with patterns inspired by sand, waves, and the sun. Beach print fabric comes in various designs, from sandy tones to bright and lively beach prints. These fabrics are perfect for creating a relaxed, summery vibe in your home, especially with modern Coastal fabric that combines contemporary styles with Coastal charm.

Fish Patterns

Fish patterns add a playful and lively element to Nautical Coastal design. Fish print fabrics can range from realistic depictions to whimsical illustrations, great for adding a splash of color and movement to your decor. Whether used in a child's room or to add a quirky touch to a more formal space, these patterns bring a delightful underwater feel to any setting.

General Facts about Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics

Nautical Coastal design fabrics are perfect for bringing a serene, seaside feeling into your home. These fabrics, available in various patterns, are ideal for upholstery, window treatments, and home decor. They are durable, versatile, and available in both natural and synthetic materials, making them perfect for any interior.



Use Cases

Upholstery, window treatments, drapery, curtains, slipcovers, bedding, table coverings, throws, headboards, cushions, pillows, and more.


15,000 to 50,000 double rubs; varies by fabric type


Light to heavy, varies by fabric type


Ranges from sheer to opaque


High resistance, maintains color well even in sunlight


Varies by fabric type, typically most fabrics are pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage;

Pilling Resistance

Varies by fabric type, typically resists pilling with regular use

Stain Resistance

Varies by fabric type, typically treated fabrics resist stains effectively

Odor Resistance

Varies by fabric type, many fabrics are treated to resist odors


Available in waterproof variants, especially for outdoor use

Fire Resistance

Moderate to high, some fabrics are treated to be flame retardant

Aesthetic Qualities

Nautical themes, Coastal and beach designs, fish patterns, vintage and modern prints

Interior Design Styles

Coastal, beach, Nautical, modern Coastal, and vintage-inspired styles

Natural vs Synthetic

Available in both natural cotton and synthetic blends


Primarily woven, some knitted options available

Main Benefits

Durability, wide range of patterns, versatility in use, enhances Coastal and Nautical themes, available in various weights and finishes

Frequently Asked Questions About Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics

What is Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics, What is it Made of?

Nautical Coastal design fabrics feature ocean-inspired patterns like anchors, sailboats, and fish. The natural fibers are made of cotton, linen, and various blends of synthetics. These fabrics create a relaxing, seaside atmosphere in your home.

How to Wash and Clean Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics?

Most Nautical Coastal design fabrics are machine washable following the label instructions: cold water, delicate wash cycle, and mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Stains that may be tougher to remove can be cleaned by spot cleaning with a mild fabric cleaner. Air or tumble dry on a low setting to avoid shrinkage.

How Durable is Nautical Coastal Design Fabrics?

Most Nautical Coastal design fabrics are usually very strong and can range from about 15,000 to 50,000 double rubs. They are perfect for even high-traffic areas of your home. These fabrics are designed to withstand regular use while maintaining their appearance.

Why are Nautical Fabrics Good to Use?

In fact, these fabrics are very flexible for any type of home decoration. They may be applied to chairs and sofas with the aid of upholstery fabric material, which carries a Nautical touch, or used as beautiful Nautical-themed window curtains. They can also be used for bedding, slipcovers, and outdoor furniture. The wide range of patterns will allow you to match anything and create any kind of Coastal theme you wish.