Paisley Design fabrics

Paisley fabric is a unique teardrop design, perfect for curtains, cushions, and upholstery. At FabricMill, you can buy Paisley fabric by the yard, making it simple to add this timeless pattern to your home. Our selection of Paisley fabrics comes in all colors and tones, from wildest to the quietest. Read more
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Introduction to Paisley Fabric

Our store carries a great selection of Paisley printed fabrics in beautiful, intricate tastes and patterns. Classic Paisley patterns are great when it comes to adding charm to your home decor. FabricMill's Paisley print fabric ranges in all kinds of styles, from updating your living room to the bedroom.

Paisley Fabric Use Cases

Paisley fabric is adaptable and works well in most areas of home decor—from upholstery to window treatments. Its classic pattern can bring an undeniable charm to your space. Here are some of the most popular ways to use Paisley fabric in your home.

Paisley Fabric Upholstery

Paisley upholstery fabric is perfect for a new lease on old furniture. Make decor statements in living rooms with Paisley print chairs, or add them to your reading nook for a touch of coziness. This fabric is also great for Paisley pattern rugs and Paisley print rugs, adding a unique style not only to furniture, but also to your floors.

Paisley Curtains, Drapes, and Window Treatments

Paisley fabric for curtains will literally transform any space. Choosing Paisley print curtains means creating a truly different look. You might also find Paisley blackout curtains for a bedroom—they are very functional and add a stylish touch. Paisley drapes in living room options are perfect for a unique feel, and Paisley shower curtains bring charm to your bathroom.

Paisley Fabric Home Decors

Turn your home decor up a notch with Paisley printed bedding. You can take it as a whole, complete set of bedding, with Paisley print comforters and Paisley sheets, to make the look fully dressed. For your sofas or beds, use Paisley pillows to add a flash of color and geometric pattern. Don't miss Paisley pillow covers and Paisley sofa pillows to match your overall decor.

Paisley Fabric for Outdoor Use

Paisley outdoor fabric - patio furniture and accessories alike. Paisley outdoor pillows could be colorful on a patio. This fabric, too, has durability in case you'd like to weather the elements on your garden or balcony decor.

Paisley Fabric in Interior Design

Paisley fabric fits into various interior design styles, adding true personality. Its intricate patterns and rich history make it a wonderful choice for many decor themes. Here are some styles where Paisley-printed fabric truly shines.

Paisley Fabric in Traditional Design

In traditional design, antique Paisley fabric brings a sense of history and sophistication. This style often features classic furniture and rich color palettes, making Paisley a perfect match. Use dark Paisley fabric for upholstery or drapes to add depth to your living room or study.

Paisley Fabric in Retro Design

Retro design is all about bold patterns and vibrant colors, making retro Paisley fabric an excellent choice. This style embraces playful and eclectic elements, and Paisley fits right in with its funky and dynamic designs. Try Liberty Paisley fabric on cushions or as a statement chair to bring a nostalgic vibe to your space.

Paisley Fabric in Bohemian Design

Bohemian design celebrates creativity and a mix of textures and patterns. Paisley-printed fabric works in this style, offering a free-spirited and eclectic look. Use a black and white Paisley pattern for throw pillows or a bedspread to create a laid-back yet stylish atmosphere in your home.

Colors and Patterns of Paisley Fabric

Paisley fabric is not just about the timeless patterns but also the vibrant colors that can transform any space. The variety in colors and patterns allows you to find the perfect Paisley design to match your interior style. Here’s a look at how different colors and patterns can enhance your home decor.

Patterns of Paisley Fabric

Paisley design fabric comes in various patterns, each adding a unique flair to your home decor. The classic teardrop shapes can be found in detailed and intricate designs or in more simple and modern styles. Whether you choose blue Paisley fabric for a calming effect or red Paisley fabric for a bold statement, there's a pattern for every taste.

Dark Tones of Paisley Fabric

Dark tones of Paisley fabric create a rich and cozy atmosphere. Black Paisley fabric adds a touch of darkness and pairs well with lighter accents. Brown Paisley fabric and gray Paisley fabric are perfect for a warm and inviting feel, while purple Paisley fabric and green Paisley fabric offer a dramatic and luxurious look.

Bright Tones of Paisley Fabric

Bright tones of Paisley fabric bring energy and vibrancy to any room. Pink Paisley fabric is great for adding a playful touch, and orange Paisley fabric can brighten up any space. Teal Paisley fabric offers a fresh and lively feel, while gold Paisley fabric and white Paisley fabric add lightness to your decor.

General Facts about Paisley Fabric

Modern-style Paisley fabric is available in multi-color and multi-pattern, making it an ideal base for lots of styles, including traditional and bohemian. Look no further than Fabric Mill if you're on the hunt to pick up some Paisley fabric by the yard for your next project. 


Paisley Fabric Details

Use Cases

Upholstery, curtains, bedding, cushions, throws, pillows, headboards, and table coverings


15,000–30,000 double rubs, depending on the material


Medium to heavy




High, maintains color after washing and exposure to light;


Minimal shrinkage when properly cared for

Pilling Resistance

High resistance, maintains a smooth surface

Stain Resistance

Moderate, some fabrics treated for better resistance

Odor Resistance

Good, especially in natural fibers


depends on the material; generally not waterproof, but some treated versions available

Fire Resistance

Varies, some treated for fire resistance

Aesthetic Qualities

Elegant, intricate patterns, and rich colors

Interior Design Styles

Traditional, retro, bohemian, and eclectic

Natural vs Synthetic

Available in both natural (cotton, silk) and synthetic (polyester) materials


Typically woven, providing durability and a smooth finish

Main Benefits

Multi-propose, elegant design, available in a variety of colors and patterns, durable, easy to use

Frequently Asked Questions About Paisley Fabric

What is Paisley Fabric?

The unique character of a fabric is identified by the teardrop shape of the Paisley. It is inspired by Persian and Indian design. Paisley patterns are easy to make with silk, wool, cotton, or even synthetic fibers like polyester. This universality is what makes Paisley possible for use in many applications that have to do with home decor.

How to Wash and Clean Paisley Fabric?

The washing or cleaning of Paisley fabric is dependent on the material it is made from. Cotton-and-synthetic-blended Paisley fabric can be machine-washed with cold water in a gentle mode. In the case of Paisley fabric made from silk and wool, it’s best to hand wash or use a machine with cold water on a gentle cycle and air dry to keep away from shrinkage and to maintain quality. Always check the care label and avoid harsh detergents and bleach.

How Durable is Paisley Fabric?

The durability of Paisley fabric will depend on the material. Generally, it’s in the range of 15,000 to 30,000 double rubs, perfect for medium- to heavy-use upholstery. Most synthetic blends are usually longer-lasting and more resistant to wear and abrasion compared to natural fibers. With proper care and maintenance, your Paisley fabric items can last a long time.

What is Paisley Fabric Good to Use As?

Paisley fabric works well in many home decor projects. It pairs fine with the upholstery of chairs and sofas and is ideal for window treatment items—be they curtains or drapes. You can even use Paisley fabric for your bedding, such as comforters and pillow covers, along with all the decorative items ranging from throw pillows to table coverings to headboards.