Silk Fabrics

Welcome to a deep dive into the luxurious world of silk fabrics. Here we'll cover all the most important aspects of silk, look at its various types, discuss the uniqueness of Dupioni and Taffeta silk fabric, and discuss some ideas on how silk fabric can be used. Whether it's a new style for bedding or an ingenious way of how to decorate your home interior. Read more
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Let's take a peek into the world of one of the most expensive fabrics, explore it, and learn a few interesting facts. Let's go!

Types of Silk Fabric

Silk is a natural protein fabric and is synonymous with luxury and strength, in one word. Combining brilliance, delicacy, and durability, silk fabric offers an unparalleled combination of beauty and functionality for any dream project.

At FabricMill, we offer a huge selection of silk fabrics for every taste and color and are ready to meet the needs of any customer. Whether you wish to create: 

  • An unforgettable wedding dress using the elegance of silk chiffon fabric or silk organza fabric. For a particularly important day in your life

  • Luxe home decor combines the unique texture with the smoothness of silk damask fabric and silk velvet fabric.

  • A glamorous evening gown with a touch of silk taffeta fabric and silk brocade fabric.

  • Lightweight and airy silk georgette fabric for hot summers, when breathable curtains are especially needed.

Silk Fabric By The Yard

Fabric Mill's silk material selection offers diversity for any creative try. Any fabric you can find is available for buy by the yard.

No matter what you are looking for—mulberry silk fabric by the yard, silk dupioni fabric by the yard, raw silk fabric by the yard, or printed silk fabric by the yard—we've got you covered.

Our silk fabric yardage provides flexibility in quantity, ensuring you get the right amount for your project, be it large or small.


We know how difficult it is to pick the right color, especially when choices are limited. That's why we provide a stunning palette of colors, ensuring a match for any design or creative vision.

Let's sort some of them:

Vibrant shades

Our offered pink silk fabric, red silk fabric, and blue silk fabric blends add colorful hues to any product as they provide the feeling of vibrant energy.These silk fabric colors are perfect for statement pieces as standout home decor.

Royal Tones

Gold silk fabric and purple silk fabric provide you with masterpieces with regal tones, which are meant to make them luxurious. These high-end colors suit any evening gown, deluxe curtains, or plush upholstery.

A timeless choice

For timeless appeal, we offer black silk fabric, white silk fabric, and transparent silk. The simplicity these classics offer is integrated into a wide range of design trends.

The black and white combination is always a multipurpose choice, regardless of whether the style is modern or classic.

Silk Taffeta: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Silk taffeta is a fabric with a particularly crisp texture and timeless appeal. Taffeta's smooth surface and subtle sheen make it a top choice for everything, from elegant taffeta gowns to silk taffeta wedding dresses.

In our store, you can also find plaid silk taffeta fabric and silk taffeta curtains whose versatility extends to home decor, where they bring a touch of classic elegance.

The Unique World of Dupioni Silk

Dupioni is a fabric characterized by its textured surface and changeable sheen. This unique type of silk is known for its environmental resistance, making it a widely used choice for various applications.

Dupioni Curtains 

To add an element of finesse to interiors, choosing silk dupioni curtains will never go wrong. Its light-playing texture will create a dynamic atmosphere and add brightness to even the emptiest and darkest spaces. Dupioni is renowned for its use in Curtains and Drapes adding sophistication to interior spaces and homes with silk dupioni drapes and curtains.

Home Decor

Besides draperies, Dupioni silk fabric is often used in home decor, like cushion covers and furniture upholstery. Dupioni's durability makes it suitable for everyday use while still keeping an expensive feel.

Beyond draperies and apparel, Dupioni silk finds its place in:

  • Home Furnishings: The aesthetics upgrade with dupioni cushion covers and upholstery.

Cleaning and Maintaining

Dupioni silk is an unusual and sensitive material. It takes much time and care to keep it in a good state for centuries.

We have prepared a few tips on how to care for it properly so that your experience will be as hassle-free as possible:

  • Use Gentle Detergents: use soft soaps, ensuring that harsh chemicals that may ruin the silk fibers are not used.

  • Hand Wash and Air Dry: If possible, hand wash in lukewarm water to rejuvenate the fabric and dry it away from direct sunlight. Do not wrinkle or twist to avoid any damage.

  • Low-temperature Ironing: on low heat, but for preference from the reverse side too, by a protective cloth between the fabric and the unit.

  • Protect From Sun and Moisture: Dupioni silk should be kept in a cool, dry space to avoid fading or mildew.


Why Is Silk Fabric So Expensive?

The essence of silk is its uniqueness in scarcity and complexity to produce.

The origins of silk are mulberry silkworm cocoons, however, this method becomes limited because the different factors include both climate conditions and the quality of leaves for feeding as well as their lifespan.

The resulting contradictions include a lack of silk, which leads to an increase in prices.

Where to Buy Silk Fabric?

At Fabric Mill, we offer a wide range of silk fabrics, including silk dupioni, taffeta silk, and many more. Visit us in-store or browse our online collection to find the perfect silk fabric for your project.

What is Taffeta?

Taffeta is a smooth and stiff material, woven from either silk or artificial fiber. It's known for its glamorous texture and is generally applied to be used in evening wear, wedding dresses, or high-end interior decorations.

What is Dupioni?

Dupioni silk is a silky cotton fabric with characteristics of luster and strength. Dupioni silk is very common in drapery pieces such as dupioni silk curtains and dupioni silk drapes.