Animal design fabrics and faux furs

Faux fur and animal print fabrics have a wide range of uses, from faux fur throws and cozy faux fur blankets to animal print upholstery fabrics. Shop faux fur and animal print fabrics by the yard or try out options with our faux fur samples and animal print fabric swatches! Read more
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Introduction Into Faux Furs and How To Use Them

Eager to elevate your space and projects with nature's raw beauty? Look no further than, your premier source for stunning animal fabrics and faux fur upholstery. Our curated selection spans a diverse array of uses, from faux fur throws and cozy faux fur blankets to even animal upholstery fabric.

On this page, we'll show some innovative use cases, showcasing how animal fabrics and faux furs can transform your interior design. Discover the benefits of faux fur material and find inspiration in trending patterns and colors. Plus, we've included a handy FAQ section to answer your most pressing questions about working with these fabrics.

Faux Fur Fabric by the Yard

If you are uncertain about your choice or need a specific quantity of textiles, we have the solution. At FabricMill, you can order any animal fabric by the yard and faux fur by the yard. Also, to be sure of your choice, you can get a faux fur sample and swatch for only $1 to test in your space.

The Best Ways to Use Animal Print Upholstery, Faux Fur Rugs and Faux Fur Blankets

Faux fur fabric isn't just a material, it's a statement of style, comfort, and sustainability. Renowned for its texture and versatility, faux fur has become a staple in interior design. In this section, we'll explore many ways you can use this plush animal pattern fabric in your life, transforming everyday items into pieces of luxury.

Faux Fur in Interior Design

Faux fur fabric infuses a sense of opulence and comfort into interior spaces, serving as a hallmark for luxurious living. Its plush texture adds visual warmth and an inviting tactile experience, making any room feel more welcoming and cozy.

Common Uses

  • Faux Fur Blankets and Throws: enhance sofas and beds with elegance and comfort.
  • Faux Fur Pillows: soft, tactile dimension for living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Faux Fur Rugs: warmth and softness underfoot, creating inviting areas.
  • Faux Fur Upholstery: luxurious focal points on furniture like accent chairs and headboards.
  • Faux Fur Accessories: glamorous touches with items like poufs and stool covers.

Animal Print Fabrics in Interior Design

Animal print fabrics bring an element of wild beauty and boldness to interior design. These patterns command attention, transforming spaces with their inherent drama and injecting a layer of sophistication that elevates the ambiance to one of exotic luxury.

Common Uses

  • Animal Print Upholstery Fabric: statement furniture pieces like sofas and armchairs.
  • Animal Print Pillows: Use animal print throw pillows and small ottomans for a subtle,  exotic touch.
  • Animal Print Curtains: dramatic curtains and drapes for added luxury.
  • Animal Print Rugs and Carpets: centerpiece rugs in living areas or bedrooms for texture underfoot.
  • Animal Print Wall Decor: sophisticated wall accents,with framed prints or wallpapers.

Benefits of Animal Print Fabric and Faux Fur

The inclusion of animal fabric and faux fur in your home or creative projects has more than aesthetic appeal. These materials offer a range of benefits that enhance both the functionality and ambiance of any space.

Unique Texture of Faux Furs and Animal Print Fabrics

Faux fur fabric and animal prints on fabric add a layer of tactile richness that can transform any area into a more inviting and comfortable space. From the faux fur blanket and faux fur pillow to the faux fur bedding set, this material draws the eye with its look and comfort.

Animal Prints Fabric Style

Animal print fabrics, including luxurious animal print velvet and delicate animal print silk, infuse any space with an air of sophistication. The variety available, from the cozy warmth of animal print flannel to the rustic charm of fabric with farm animals, allows for endless expressive possibilities.

Versatility and Variety Inherent In Fabrics with Animal Prints

The wide range of animal fabrics types, from the playful fabric farm animals to the serene forest animal fabric, provides a spectrum of creative applications. Whether it's for statement animal print upholstery fabric or a cozy animal print fleece fabric, these textiles adapt to various design needs, allowing for personalized and unique project outcomes.

Extra High Durability of Faux Fur and Polyester Faux Fur Fabrics

The durability of materials like faux fur fabric, polyester faux fur, and animal print cotton fabric is a critical consideration. These fabrics are engineered to withstand significant use, evidenced by their extremely high double rub counts (50,000-100,000), which measure abrasion resistance. This makes them especially suitable for high-traffic areas or frequently used items, ensuring that your designs remain beautiful and functional over time.

Choosing these fabrics is smart because they're not just pretty—they're strong and can handle a lot of use.

Faux Fur Fabric - A Nature-friendly Choice For Your Home

Opting for faux fur fabric by the yard is a compassionate choice that supports animal welfare. These synthetic materials provide the luxurious feel of fur, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without causing damage to nature.

A Wide Collection of Animal Fabric and Faux Fur Colors

At FabricMill, we're truly proud to offer so many choices of colorful animal and faux fur fabrics. 

You'll find all sorts of colors and patterns that can make your projects or rooms special. Whether you love the cool look of animal prints or the soft feel of faux fur, we've got lots of options to help you find just the right style.

Animal Print Fabric

The allure of animal print fabric lies in its ability to add sophistication and a hint of the exotic to your designs.

Mixing in prints like stylish leopard animal print fabric, calming blue animal print fabric, or peaceful green animal print fabric can transform your space into something exciting yet relaxing. But at the same time, the addition of pink animal print fabric and purple animal print fabric adds cheerfulness and a touch of royal mystery.

Black, White, and Colored Faux Fur Fabrics

Adding faux fur around your home really brings in that cozy feeling, and the colors you can choose from are just wonderful. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of black, white, and grey faux furs for a touch of sophistication, or maybe something that feels more 'you'.

And for a splash of color, there's no shortage of options with faux fur. Cozy up your favorite nook with rich browns, vibrant reds, or sunny oranges faux furs. If you're leaning towards something more soothing, how about some cool blues and greens faux fur? And for a fun twist, why not a dash of purple, yellow, or lime green faux fur? Mix and match to your heart's content, making every corner of your home uniquely welcoming.

Faux Fur Characteristics



Use Cases

Throws, pillows, rugs, upholstery, decorative accents

Durability (Double Rubs)

20,000-50,000; suitable for everyday home use


Varies from light to medium, adaptable to different applications


Typically opaque, providing a full, rich texture


Generally high, maintains color integrity over time


Minimal, due to synthetic composition

Pilling Resistance

Moderate to high, ensuring a smooth surface with minimal fuzz

Stain Resistance

High, easy to clean and maintain

Odor Resistance

Good, synthetic materials do not hold odors easily


Not naturally waterproof but can be treated for resistance

Fire Resistance

Variable, often treated for improved resistance

Aesthetic Qualities

Mimics real fur, adds warmth and texture, available in various colors and patterns

Interior Design Styles

Fits a range from contemporary to rustic, adaptable to many themes

Natural vs Synthetic

Synthetic, offering an ethical alternative to real fur


Primarily woven for texture and durability; knitted faux fur is less common

Main Benefits

Ethical, durable, low maintenance, versatile in design, adds luxury and comfort

Frequently Asked Questions about Faux Fur Material

What is Faux Fur?

Faux fur fabric is a synthetic material designed to mimic the look and feel of real fur without using animal products. It's mostly made from acrylic and polyester, making it a cruelty-free option.

How to Clean and Wash Faux Fur?

When washing faux fur, the main thing is to follow instructions mentioned on the fabric. Either you're wondering how to wash faux fur blankets, how to clean the faux fur rugs or animal print curtains - the most important thing is to be gentle, as these materials are sensitive to multiple washing solutions. 

Always test on a small corner if cleaning by hand, or if the fabric allows washing in the machine, use a gentle cycle.

How Long Does Faux Fur Last?

Faux fur is a high-quality, cozy, and long-lasting material. It's a fancy synthetic fabric that can keep looking good for up to ten years if you take good care of it. When a faux fur item is too old to use, you can recycle it or use it for something else.

Is Faux Fur Safe For Kids?

Faux fur is generally safe for babies, especially in baby-friendly items like toys or blankets. However, it's important to make sure it's high quality and doesn't shed to keep babies safe from small fibers.

FabricMill sells only high-quality faux fur fabric that doesn't shed and is completely safe for children of all ages.