Textured fabrics, linens and hemps

Textured fabrics bring magic to any room, adding depth to its decor. At FabricMill, we offer Textured fabrics in yards, Hemp, and Linen—all to make a standout pillow, curtains, or even upholstery. Some of the different Textured fabrics, including Hemp and Linen, look amazing, are durable, and are eco-friendly. Read more
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Introduction to Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens

Textured fabrics add an extra dimension to home styling. Hemp and Linen fabrics bring life and variety to everything. Because of this, you can see how much use Hemp textiles will bring, along with all the different Textures and colors of Linen fabric. Understanding the benefits of Hemp textiles and the variety of Linen-Textured fabrics can help you choose the best materials for your projects.

Textured Fabrics Use Cases

Textured, Hemp, and Linen fabrics offer a wide range of possibilities for home decor. These materials are not only stylish but also durable and universal. Here’s how you can incorporate them into your home:

Linen Upholstery Fabric

Textured upholstery fabric and Linen fabric for upholstery may change your furniture into a whole new entity. Hemp fabric is also suitable for upholstery and can transform an old couch or chair into something new and fresh. Textured couches and Linen couches with Hemp cushions will bring comfort and nature into your spaces.

Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens Window Treatments, Drapes, and Curtains

Textured curtains and Hemp drapes will go well with the shining windows. For more light control, Textured blackout curtains and blackout Linen curtains can also be taken into consideration. Linen grommet curtains and Linen curtains are graceful, floaty drapes that indeed add a feel to a living space.

Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens Home Decor

From Textured throw pillows to Linen decorative pillows, there are different accessorizing choices with those fabrics. Dress the living room couch with a Hemp blanket or a Linen throw, and voilà—one adds a final touch of comfort. Textured throw blankets and Linen bed blankets are not only for style, they ensure you can stay warm and cozy.

Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens for Outdoor Uses

Outdoor throw pillows with contrasting Linen decorative cushions will enhance your patio or garden furniture. Durable and weather-resistant, these materials are ideal for Textured cushions and Linen pillow covers used outside. Great selections will make an outdoor haven peaceful, with a tasteful addition.

Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens Bedding and Table Coverings

The natural Textured fabrics in Hemps and Linens are a luxurious and breathable option for bedding and table coverings. The Linen bed blankets and pillow covers make the entire bed luxurious yet breathable. Hemp textiles and Linen fabrics can use as elegant, long-wearing table covers that could add extra beauty to the dining experience.

Colors and Patterns in Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens

Choosing the right colors and patterns for your Textured fabrics, Hemps, and Linens can transform any space. Here’s how different patterns, dark tones, and bright tones can enhance your home decor.

Patterns of Linen Fabric and Hemp Fabrics

Patterns add personality to your home decor. Plaid Linen fabric and gingham Linen fabric bring a classic, timeless look to your curtains or upholstery. For a touch of elegance, embroidered Linen fabric and flower Linen fabric add intricate details. If you want something unique, try printed Linen fabric or printed Hemp fabric. Striped Linen fabric and vintage Linen fabric offer flexibility in designing, while sheer Linen fabric and Irish Linen fabric add a shiny, light and airy feel to any room.

Dark Tones of Linen and Textured Fabrics

Dark tones can create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere. Black Textured fabric and black Linen fabric are perfect for adding a touch of drama to your decor. Brown Linen fabric offers warmth and earthiness, ideal for living rooms or studies. Gray Linen fabric provides a neutral backdrop that complements various styles. For a bolder choice, consider blue Textured fabric or blue Linen fabric, which can make a striking statement.

Bright Tones of Linen and Textured Fabrics

Bright tones can energize and brighten any space. White Textured fabric and white Linen fabric bring a clean, fresh look that's timeless. Pink Linen fabric adds a playful, feminine touch, perfect for bedrooms or nurseries. Green Linen fabric brings a natural, refreshing vibe, while red Linen fabric creates a bold, vibrant feel. Don't forget about yellow Linen fabric and cream Linen fabric, which can add a sunny, cheerful touch to any room.

General Facts about Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens

Textured fabrics, including Hemp and Linen, add charm and durability to home decor, making spaces cozy and inviting. These materials can be strong and beautiful for upholstery, window treatments, or bedding. Available in various colors and patterns, these will complement various types of decor in many rooms of the house and provide long-lasting, eco-friendly alternatives. 


Textured Fabrics

Hemp Fabric

Linen Fabric

Use Cases

Upholstery, drapes, curtians, pillows, bedding, cushions

Curtains, drapes, pillows cushions, rugs

Drapes, curtains, tablecloths, slipcovers


15,000 - 25,000 double rubs

20,000 - 30,000 double rubs

25,000 - 35,000 double rubs


Medium to heavy





Medium to high

Medium to low




Very good


Low to moderate



Pilling Resistance




Stain Resistance




Odor Resistance


Very high


Water Resistance




Fire Resistance




Aesthetic Qualities

Textured, varied patterns

Natural, rustic

Smooth, crisp

Interior Design Styles

Modern, rustic, traditional

Eco-friendly, rustic, modern

Classic, coastal, contemporary

Natural vs Synthetic

Natural and synthetic blends available




Woven and knitted



Main Benefits

Versatile, durable, eco-friendly

Sustainable, strong, natural look

Breathable, timeless, elegant

Frequently Asked Questions About Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens

What is Hemp Fabric?

Hemp fabric is made from the fibers of the Hemp plant. It's popular for its durability, breathability, and 100% eco-friendliness. This material is used for manufacturing Hemp curtains, cushions, and pillows, thereby blending interior charm into a natural rustic setting.

What Fabric is Linen?

Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. It's valued due to the strength, breathability, and soft Texture it possesses. Home accessories, like Linen curtains, Linen sofa covers, and throw pillows, look great in the fabric for that classy and tasteful impression.

How to Wash and Clean Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens?

Always attend to Textured fabrics, Hemp, and Linens on the care labels. Generally, all these fabrics will be taken to a machine with mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Air drying is recommended to preserve Texture and shape.

How Durable are Textured Fabrics, Hemps, and Linens?

Textured fabrics, like Hemps and Linens are highly durable and can go to 15,000 and over 35,000 double rubs. Hemp is very strong, so articles that come into heavy use are acceptable. The quality of these fabrics is solid, they can resist pilling and take up quite a lot of wear, so they will be very durable with time.