Multi Colored Fabrics

In the realm of interior designing, it’s a well known fact that color takes center stage in any space. However, perhaps the most common issue is that the designer is just not able to decide on which color they want to go with. After all, every color and shade brings something new to the table and fills the space with a different feeling. Read more
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Well, in this scenario, it might be a good idea to go with, well, everything. We are, of course, talking about multi colored fabrics. Among the myriad color options available, multi-colored fabrics burst forth with creativity, offering a kaleidoscope of possibilities to ignite your design vision. Look no further than our black/red premium fabric options for a prime example.

From blue and orange fabric to teal and gray fabric and elegant blue and gold upholstery fabric, we want to go through the descriptive benefits and design ideas of using our multi colored fabrics.

The Calming Harmony of Blue Fabrics

First of all, we want to go through some of the color patterns that include the calming effect of blue fabrics.

Blue and Green Fabric

Combining blue and green fabric creates a soothing atmosphere, reminiscent of peaceful landscapes. This combination is versatile for items like drapes and cushions, evoking a calm sensation.

Blue and White Upholstery Fabric

The timeless blue and white upholstery fabric duo brings elegance and lightness to a room. This versatile combination suits different design themes and works well for upholstery, curtains, and accent pieces. You can even use blue and white fabric for chairs.

Blue and Yellow Fabric

Pairing blue and yellow fabric generates an energetic and joyful vibe. Whether used for furniture upholstery or vibrant throw pillows, this combo adds a lively focal point.

Blue and Gray Fabric

Blue gray fabric brings subtle refinement to any space. It's great for creating a neutral backdrop or grounding larger furniture, emitting a sense of tranquility.

Blue and Gold Upholstery Fabric

Blue and gold upholstery fabric radiates regal opulence. This luxurious pairing enhances furniture, drapes, and accessories, transforming spaces into lavish retreats.

Blue and Brown Upholstery Fabric

The fusion of blue and brown upholstery fabric offers both comfort and style, much like blue and cream fabric does. This versatile combination adds warmth and contemporary charm, ideal for upholstery and accents.

Dramatic Elegance of Red Fabrics

Up next are color patterns that have the iconic attention-grabbing characteristics of red fabrics.

Red and White Fabric

Blending red and white fabric creates a vivid contrast that draws the eye. This pairing's boldness brings visual interest to curtains, furniture covering, and decorative items, making a confident design statement.

Red and Blue Upholstery Fabric

Red and blue fabric injects rooms with captivating intensity. The interplay of fiery red and calm blue forms a lively visual contrast suitable for upholstered furniture and embellishing details.

Red and Gold Upholstery Fabric

The majestic allure of red and gold fabric radiates an air of opulence. This blend works well for furniture upholstery and accent pieces, adding a touch of luxury to indoor spaces.

Red and Yellow Fabric

Blending red and yellow fabric exudes energy and positivity. This combination, whether used for upholstery or curtains, establishes a vibrant and invigorating environment. This revitalizes any space almost instantly.

Red and Teal Fabric

The fusion of red and teal fabric balances warmth and tranquility. Suited for upholstery and decorative pieces, this blend introduces an element of refinement and depth.

Energizing Playfulness of Orange Fabrics

If you want to design a space in a way that it gives off a welcoming and playful energy then look no further than our options that include the color orange.

Orange and Black Fabric

The vibrant interplay of orange and black fabric introduces a spirited element to indoor spaces. This blend effortlessly captures the eye, making it ideal for accent pieces and upholstery that stand out.

Orange and Green Fabric

The fusion of orange and green fabric evokes a sense of nature's vibrancy. Infusing spaces with an invigorating energy, this pairing suits well for accent cushions, drapes, and upholstered furnishings.

Soothing Charm of Pink Fabrics

Oh, you want your space to give off a soothing effect for anyone who walks in? Well, then might we introduce you to our selection of multi colored fabrics that include the characteristics found in pink fabrics?

Pink and Orange Fabric

The fusion of pink and orange fabric gives birth to a youthful and energetic vibe. Great for adding accents or upholstering, this blend encourages a playful and imaginative atmosphere.

Pink and Blue Fabric

The merging of pink and blue fabric strikes a delicate equilibrium between serenity and fancifulness. This versatile mix can enhance upholstery and decorative items, creating a gentle and calming ambiance.  In this regard, it’s actually pretty similar to pink and green fabric.

Pink and Black Fabric

The coupling of pink and black fabric exudes elegance with a hint of intrigue. Whether it's upholstered chairs or curtains, this blend brings an element of sophistication to any design.

Pink and Red Fabric

Pink and red fabric combine to generate a lively and fervent mood. This mix, whether used for upholstery or accent details, infuses spaces with a sense of passion and coziness.

Pink and Gold Fabric

The merging of pink and gold fabric introduces an essence of allure and refinement. This lavish blend elevates spaces with its luxurious charm, making it a perfect fit for drapes, cushions, and accent pieces.

A Look at Some Timeless Classics

With some of our more unique offerings out of the way, how about finishing off with some timeless classics? We all know about black and silver fabric, gold and teal fabric, and even black and white fabric by the yard, but we wanted some unique blends. All of these blends have already established their dominance as some of the best blending of colors on fabrics.

Gold and Black Fabric

The legendary pairing of gold and black fabric brings about an aura of luxury and sophistication. Regardless of what this type of fabric is used for, whether it be drapery, upholstery, or even accent pieces, it’s sure to add a touch of grandeur.

Purple and Black Fabric

The classic merging of purple and black fabric evokes an air of mystery and intrigue. The depth and mystery created when these two colors are merged in a fabric create a dramatic effect that’s bound to make a bold statement.

Gold and Silver Fabric

Ah yes, the classic gold and silver pairing. Are there any colors that give nearly the same feeling of royalty as these two? Maybe gold and tea fabric, but that’s it. Regardless of what you use our gold and silver fabrics for, we’re sure the end result will be a sight to behold.