Our in-store workroom custom-fits the slipcover onto your furniture like a tailor. We have mastered the slipcover so well, customers often question whether their slipcover was accidently re-upholstered. No, no, no, it is indeed a slipcover!

A slipcover is a smart option if your furniture is still in good condition. Slipcovers are less expensive than upholstery. Our slipcovers are made with zippers to easily be removed and be dry-cleaned. Velcro is also available.

Specialty furniture such as sleeper sofas and recliners are all possible at The Fabric Mill. Please call or visit our store for a quote. Photos and dimensions are necessary for accurate pricing.


The Fabric Mill makes custom Slipcovers using our fabrics. If your cushions and frame is good and you just want a facelift for your sofa slipcovering is very easy.