Striped fabrics

Striped fabric is a fun and interesting addition to any room. A colorful Stripe fabric can brighten up a room, while a darker-colored one adds elegance. At FabricMill, we sell Striped fabric by the yard. Combinations of many colors, fibers, and stripe sizes make it simple to coordinate with your home’s individual style. Read more
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Introduction to Striped Fabrics

Adding just a few pieces of home decor can completely change the appearance of a home. Striped fabrics are one of the best patterns to add more character to your home. You can use Striped material for curtains, pillows, table runners, and other indoor decor. We also offer fabric with Stripes made from more durable fibers that can be used for outdoor furniture. 

Striped Fabrics Use Cases

Striped fabrics are perfect for a number of home decor elements. They are a popular choice for upholstery, drapes and curtains, cushions, as well as dining room elements. Keep reading to learn more about some well-liked use cases for Striped fabrics.

Striped Fabrics Upholstery and Re-Upholstery

Striped upholstery fabric is perfect for updating the appearance of your furniture. We have a selection of Striped fabric upholstery available in different colors and styles. Whether you opt for a bold Striped sofa or more understated Striped sofa pillows, you’ll get a classic yet modern look thanks to the stripes.

Striped Fabrics Window Treatments, Drapes, and Curtains

Striped curtains can make your rooms appear larger and more spacious. The Striped design offers an elegant look, without sacrificing the cozy feel of a home. Combine functionality with style, by choosing Striped curtains that beautifully frame your windows!

Striped Fabrics in Home Decor

Sometimes it is the smallest details that make the biggest difference. Striped cushions, and Striped throw pillows add color and pattern to your sofas and chairs. These accents are an easy and affordable way to update your decor. You can also easily switch your Striped pillows up from time to time for a quick home makeover.

Striped Fabrics in Dining Areas

Striped table runners and Striped table linen are a great way to add charm to your dining experience. They can dress up a simple table setting or complement an already decorated dining space. These Striped table coverings are ideal for both everyday use and special occasions such as holidays.

Striped Fabrics for Bedroom Decor

Try incorporating Striped fabrics into your bedroom to create a cozy yet modern atmosphere. Striped bed sheets, bedding, and bedding sets can transform your bedroom into a peaceful getaway. For an added layer of warmth or a pop of color, finish it off with a Striped bed comforter.

Benefits and Traits of Striped Fabrics

Because of the interesting geometrical pattern, Striped fabrics bring a number of benefits to the table. They are interesting to look at, can make your room appear more spacious, and are very diverse, making them suitable for different parts of the house. Here are some key traits and benefits of using Striped fabrics in your home.

Striped Fabric is Interesting to Look At

Striped fabrics bring energy to a room! The dynamic pattern can make a space feel more lively and fun. From Striped upholstery to Striped pillows, the stripes create a focal point that will catch the eye of your guests.

Striped Fabrics Create Illusion of Space

Striped fabrics are ideal for creating the impression of there being more space. Vertical stripes, for instance, on curtains, can make a room look taller, while horizontal stripes can make it look wider. This makes Striped material perfect for small or oddly shaped rooms.

Striped Fabrics have a Wide Range of Options

Striped fabrics are available in a variety of colors and widths, making it simple to choose the perfect pairing for your house. Whether you prefer bold, wide stripes or subtle, tiny ones, there is a Striped fabric to suit your taste. With our selection of fabrics, you can easily personalize your home.

Striped Fabrics in Interior Design

Striped fabrics can bring a lot of personality and warmth to your home’s interior design, no matter what style you're going for. They can fit in with all kinds of looks, from very classic to completely modern. Striped patterns are also a great fit for coastal or French country style.

Striped Fabrics in Coastal Style

Coastal style frequently incorporates blue Striped fabric to portray the feeling of being by the seaside. Black and white Striped fabric can also give a clean, nautical feel. A simple way to create this breezy and relaxed atmosphere is adding a light Striped pillow, or using a blue Striped upholstery fabric for your sofa.

Striped Fabrics in French Country Style

French Country design incorporates French Stripe fabric and Floral Striped fabric for a romantic, vintage look. Meanwhile, a red Striped fabric creates a more bold look and can be a great accent. For an even more complete French countryside look, choose Striped vintage fabric for curtains or slipcovers.

Striped Fabrics in Modern Style

Modern home interiors focus a lot on clean lines and geometric shapes. This means that a Striped patterned piece of home decor will fit right in. A black Stripe fabric or a gray Stripe fabric might be the best option if you want to maintain a sleek and sophisticated look. Multi colored Striped fabric or rainbow Stripe fabric, on the other hand, can serve as a colorful accent.

Striped Fabrics in Eclectic Style

The eclectic style relies on mixing patterns and colors. Yellow Stripe fabric, for example, adds brightness and warmth, while pink Striped fabric creates a playful and fun atmosphere. Don't be afraid even to use tiger Stripe fabric or green Striped fabric to create an eye-catching and unique space.

General Facts about Striped Fabrics

Striped fabrics are available in many different designs and colors. They are a good fit for home decor elements like upholstery, curtains, bedding, and much more. They come in many materials. These include Striped linen fabric, Striped cotton fabric, and Striped velvet fabric. Each type has different textures and benefits. You can pair these fabrics with styles from coastal to modern. They make a room feel ore spacious and serve as the focal point in the interior.



Use cases

Upholstery, curtains, bedding, pillows, table coverings, headboards, throws, cushions, and more.


Ranges from 6,000 to 200,000 double rubs depending on fabric type


Varies from lightweight (e.g. cotton, linen) to heavyweight (e.g. canvas, velvet)


Depends on the material (e.g. linen and cotton can be less opaque)


Generally high for outdoor and Sunbrella Stripe fabric; however, varies for different materials.


Depends on the fabric and its treatment

Pilling resistance

Varies depending on the fabric - high in fabrics like velvet and canvas, moderate in cotton and linen

Stain resistance

High in outdoor fabrics, moderate to low in natural fabrics like cotton and linen

Odor resistance

Varies depending on the fabric


High in outdoor and Striped canvas fabric, low in natural fabrics

Fire resistance

Varies by fabric and its treatment

Aesthetic Qualities

Visually interesting, creates the illusion of space, diverse in style integration

Interior design styles

Coastal, French Country, Modern, Eclectic

Natural vs Synthetic

Available in both (e.g., Striped cotton fabric is natural, Striped knit fabric can be synthetic)


Available in both (woven for durability, knitted for stretch and comfort)

Main benefits

Versatility, visual appeal, variety of colors and patterns, suitable for multiple design styles

Frequently Asked Questions About Striped Fabrics

What are Striped Fabrics, what are they made of?

Striped fabrics can be made from different materials. These include linen, cotton, velvet, silk, and more. Each material has its own characteristics. Check the information provided for each product to learn what fiber it is made of.

How to Wash and Clean Striped Fabrics?

Depends on the material. Striped cotton or linen fabric, for example, should be machine-washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Velvet and silk fabric should be dry-cleaned to maintain texture and color. However, always check the care label for specific instructions.

How Durable are Striped Fabrics?

Striped fabrics vary in durability based on their material. Striped canvas fabric and Sunbrella Stripe fabric are more durable, and suited to heavy use and outdoor conditions. Meanwhile, natural fabrics like cotton and linen usually have moderate durability. You can check the specific parameters for each fabric on their respective pages.

What are Striped Fabrics Good to Use As?

Striped fabrics offer a range of colors and patterns, and are used for various home decor items. They are great for upholstery, curtains, and bedding. You can also use them for table runners, cushions, pillows, and outdoor furniture, making them an adaptable option for any home.