Velvet Fabrics

Welcome to The Fabric Mill's velvet fabric offerings page, where we mix style with versatility. We'll examine the types, functions, and many other aspects of velvet products, from plush velvet for upholstery to delicate velvet for drapery. We will also touch on colors and patterns, starting from the darkest tones and continuing with patterns all the way up to printed velvet fabric. Read more
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    Como Aqua Velvet
  2. American Silks Monte Carlo Fabric
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  4. American Silks Da Vinci Fabric
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  6. Bella Velvet Fabric
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  7. Amigo Chenille Fabric
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    Marquis Sunflower
  10. Lush with Crypton Home Finish Fabric
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  11. Passion Suede Cream
  12. JB Martin Cannes Velvet Fabric
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  13. JB Martin Como Cotton Velvet Fabric
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  14. Navarro II Steel
  15. Navarro Savona Ruby
  16. Como Blush
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Fabricmill is proud to sell cotton and rayon velvet made in USA by JB Martin Company. 

We'll examine the types, functions, colors, patterns and many other aspects of velvet products, from plush velvet for upholstery to delicate velvet for drapery.

Let's dive into this luxurious realm and see how velvet can decorate your designs. Here we go!

Exploring the Varieties of Velvet Fabric

In our collection at The Fabric Mill, the diversity and quality of velvet fabrics are unparalleled.

Cotton Velvet Fabric

Likely the most enduring velvet fabric on this list. Cotton Velvet Fabric is perfect as upholstery, and decorative accent, and can be used to make stunning sofas, elegant bedheads, and plush cushions.

Plus, cotton velvet is a comfortable and elastic fabric, so it's become extremely popular in areas where both of these qualities are required.

Silk Velvet Fabric

A subtle light-reflective sheen that gives the rooms its use in an elegant touch—this is a brief description of the silk velvet fabric.

It helps make beautiful drapes and curtains that will give your room a fresh look with an elegant touch. From adorning a formal living room to a luxurious bedroom, this fabric will transform any space into something glamorous.

Slubby Velvet Fabric

This fabric doesn't just have a distinctive appearance, it also enhances the designs, making them more lively. 

It's particularly appropriate for individual upholstery works where a little touch of uniqueness would be desired. Slubby Velvet can breathe personality into everything, from accent chairs to custom pillows.

Rayon Velvet Fabric

Rayon Velvet serves as an elegant solution for both functional upholstery and fashionable yet versatile curtains. Its shine lends the item a classy appeal, and the durability guarantees its longevity under regular use. 

Whether it's a stylish sofa in the family room or fancy curtains overlooking a dining table.

A Symphony of Colors in Velvet Fabrics

When choosing a velvet fabric, as with all fabrics, it is important to choose the right color to suit your desires and requirements. In order not to limit your choice, we are proud to say that FabricMill has a solution for everyone!

Our collection offers every possible velvet color option on the market for curtains and upholstery, or perhaps for your unique project.

The entire color palette is available below, cast your eye:

Neutral and Calm Tones

Rich and Striking Tones

Soft and Elegant Tones

Universal Color Solution

Patterned Velvet Fabric: Patterns That Transform Spaces

Beyond the color options Fabric Mill also offers a wide variety of patterned velvet fabrics.

For example, crushed velvet fabric gives luxurious depth with its textured surface, or stretch velvet fabric provides flexibility for dynamic applications.

Other popular choices are burnout velvet fabric and floral velvet fabric, with their unique translucent natural patterns that give a space an elegant and romantic feel.

Also in our collection, you can find: striped velvet fabric, leopard velvet fabric,vintage velvet fabric, and many more other printed velvet fabrics.

Upholstery velvet

If you start looking for the best fabrics for upholstery on the internet, you will no doubt find velvet on the list. Velvet upholstery fabric is an opportunity to give your old furniture a new life in the style of soft and elegant luxury.

The range of upholstery velvet we offer varies from the most popular choices to those not so often chosen.

Multi-fabric Selection: Different Uses of Velvet Fabric

Our collection strives to satisfy everyone so that no one is left out.

  • The most common solutions: from plush velvet fabric in all colors for rich-looking furniture to patterned velvet upholstery fabrics.
  • Special solutions: unique options such as animal print velvet upholstery fabric or striped velvet upholstery will add their own special charm to any room.
  • Durable solutions: if you are looking for a more practical and strong material, we recommend cotton velvet or mohair velvet upholstery fabric. Such fabrics are very durable and are prepared for places with high traffic or for homes with children.

Upholstery Velvet by the Yard

At The Fabric Mill, we understand the importance of accurate quantities of material for your projects. To meet this need, we offer upholstery fabric by the yard and just velvet fabric by the yard, allowing you to purchase exactly the quantity you need.

Velvet Drapes and Curtains

Velvet drapes and curtains are an integral part of every interior, which significantly influences the overall style of the room. They are renowned for their durability, variety, and, most importantly, their visual appearance. 

Our range caters to a variety of choices, including high-end silk velvet drapes that give any room an aristocratic look and viscose velvet drapes, which have a sheen and plus, are easy to care for.

Dark Colors

For homes with extra visibility from the outside or for extremely sunny locations, our collection includes dark tones such as black velvet drapes and green velvet drapes that can save you from unwanted views or sunlight. 

Vibrant Colors

However, if you are looking for colors to create warmth and energy in your room, your choice may fall between red velvet drapes and yellow velvet drapes.

For calm and low-key colors, blue and brown velvet drapes, or even purple velvet curtains, should be the perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Velvet Fabric

How do I care for velvet fabric?

For velvet fabric, it is recommended to often brush the fibers gently so that they are not matted and straight. For cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth, and don't use water or strong cleaning agents as they can destroy the texture of the fabric. Gently wipe the fabric rather than rubbing it.

How to choose the right velvet fabric for curtains?

When choosing velvet fabric for curtains, you should consider the lighting and decor of the room. Heavier velvet, such as a cotton or polyester blend, is great at blocking light and insulating, making it ideal for bedrooms or rooms that require privacy. Silk or viscose velvet is a lighter, shinier fabric that is more suitable for living rooms where you want elegance and natural light. Also, consider the color and texture to enhance the beauty of your room.

What kind of fabric is velvet?

Velvet is a woven, tufted fabric in which cut threads are evenly distributed over a short, dense pile, giving it softness. Velvet is made from a variety of fibers, including silk, cotton, linen, and synthetic materials.

What does 100% velvet consist of?

Silk is the only material used to make traditional 100% velvet. Silk velvet has a soft drape and lustrous surface, giving it an incredibly high value in interior design. Nowadays, velvet can be made not only from silk but also from cotton or wool.