Imagine a pair of stockings that will never run…..

A tire that will never run out of air or need a plug……

A fabric that will not stain, absorb moisture or mildew??????

We are still waiting for the stockings and the tire, but the superhero of fabrics is here:


Here’s the scoop on CRYPTON.  This company is green and has a patented process engineered right into the fabric, encapsulating each and every thread with “Repel and Release” fibers that form a barrier to moisture, stains, odor, mildew and bacteria.  Genius, right?  The stain doesn’t have a chance to set.  I have never been so excited about fabric in my life.  Pass the Cheetos, call the dog up for some sofa ball, and red wine is now allowed in the house!!!

cheetoscrayons dog sofa











Check out this video that gives cleaning information:

Also, the fabrics are soft to the hand, durable, and the color selections are beautiful.  You can find incredible prices at The Fabric Mill: SHOP CRYPTON FABRICS NOW

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004They say people get more close-minded as they age, but that doesn’t seem to be my situation.  Yes, my tastes have changed…I have grown more open-minded about what I like.  Recently, I put together a group of new fabrics and trims for a photo:

When I started walking around The Fabric Mill, I knew I was looking for a collage of fabrics and trims.  I did not have a game plan, but you can see that I ended up with bright, happy fabrics that were full of spit and vinegar.  Subconsciously, I needed cheering up after losing my wonderful mother, my doggie, and being diagnosed with breast cancer all within the same year.  I gravitated toward these fabrics full of life.

Does that mean I don’t like monochromatic?  No, I do.  Just not right now.

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“I don’t think people have enough fun with decorating. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Design isn’t like marriage. You don’t have to commit for life.”—Designer Ross Cassidy, June 10

Love this quote with the marriage analogy!  They say women are fickle and I say thank goodness.  That’s why we have seasonal decorating, change our handbags, try new things     ( “things” vague on purpose, thank you), and actually believe in self-improvement.


New towels and rack, an inexpensive mirror and light fixture transformed this outdated bathroom. Wish I had the before fixtures. Towels, mirror, rack and light fixture all for less than $100.

So, here is a picture of a bathroom I just redecorated in an old home, circa 1850.  The owner had decorated the entire home apropos to the period and was itching to break the rules and indulge her contemporary desires for design.

bathroom paint

Metallic silver paint on plaster walls made the texture pop and gave a small bathroom drama and luster.

A silver and white lattice pattern shower curtain coordinates perfectly with the NYC toile featuring The Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge and Wall Street

A silver and white lattice pattern shower curtain coordinates perfectly with the NYC toile featuring The Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge and Wall Street










White towels with Embroidered Silver pop against the metallic paint.  The Roman Shade looks perfect with an Inside Mount to define the crisp white moldings.

White towels with Embroidered Silver pop against the metallic paint. The Roman Shade, made by The Fabric Mill, looks perfect with an Inside Mount to define the crisp white moldings. Click Here For Link to Statue of Liberty Fabric

Do you have a decorating quote you would like to share?  I’m all ears…….

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I am not a name brand snob and actually refuse to wear any product that promotes a designer name.  I mean, shouldn’t they be paying us to flash their name across the front of our t-shirts or on the side of our sunglasses, or…across our derrieres (I have room for at least 30 letters!)?  Yes, it is commonly called “endorsement.”


SUNBRELLA is not paying me to type this blog entry.  I am pushing their fabrics because they are amazing in so many ways and differ from other brands that claim to be good for the outdoors.  Here’s why:

1)  They are mildew resistant.

2)  They clean with soap and water and you can even use bleach.  Here’s a link for cleaning instructions: Click For Cleaning Instructions

3)  They are fade resistant, also referred to as UV resistant.

4)  They are water resistant, shrink resistant and stretch resistant.

5) Sunbrella fabrics come with a warranty:  Click for Warranty

b;og three6) Sunbrella fabrics are kid, family and pet friendly.  Even more important, they feel good and have a soft hand with durability (15,000 double rubs).  Now consumers use them inside the house almost as often as outside.  Sunbrella fabrics are made to last longer.



blog 4


blog two



Use this link to shop Sunbrella fabrics at incredible, unbeatable prices. Click here to shop for Sunbrella Fabrics.

We even have outdoor trims, cords and brush fringes, that coordinate with Sunbrella fabrics.  Here’s the link:

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What does it mean when a fabric is RAILROADED?

A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at the first pho016to.

Do you see the stripe going horizontally from selvage to selvage?  When the design, or in this case, the stripe, is horizontal instead of vertical or “up the roll,” the fabric is considered RAILROADED.  The next picture will show you why fabric is made this way.



017The same fabric is turned on its side and the bolt can unroll for a continuous piece without any seams which is why RAILROADED fabrics are ideal for wide cornices, headboards and furniture.  Keep in mind that the vertical direction is limited to 54″ (the width of this fabric and most home decorating fabrics) from the bottom to the top of the design or in this case, the bottom of the stripe to the top of the stripe.  So this pattern would not work for long drapes.

Sometimes, The Fabric Mill labels a fabric as “TURNABLE.”  This simply means that the fabric may be used in either direction.  This is typical of solid fabrics or small designs.  The best test is to turn the fabric yourself and decide if it would look good in either direction.  Many florals are also turnable.

Here are two more photos that will demonstrate RAILROADED FABRIC:





The birds are not vertical.  They do not go up the roll, therefore this fabric is RAILROADED.

In the next picture, I turned the fabric onto it’s side and opened the bolt and stretched it across the sofa.  The birds are now in the right direction for seamless upholstering.


The selvage is at the bottom of the sofa and the bolt can be opened to go across the entire length without seams.




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THE FABRIC MILL (aka, The Other Woman)

She’s a demanding 60 hour/week mistress, a dream come true aspiration and I stand by his side supporting this vision of perfection for the last twenty years.  Call it genetic: my husband, Mitchell, is a fourth generation “schmatta” man, which is Yiddish for “rags” or fabric.  He invented THE FABRIC MILL and my husband’s mantra is “It’s all in the buy.”

So Mitch purchases first quality designer fabrics and trims from all over the world and passes the savings on to the customer.  The formula is quite simple. Here’s a tour of THE FABRIC MILL hosted by our daughter, Carly, the fifth generation.