Top 10 Best Patterns for Upholstery

Top 10 Best Patterns for Upholstery


Ever thought of giving your living room a little makeover without buying new furniture? Upholstery fabric by the yard can be your secret weapon! Whether you're sprucing up an old favorite chair or want to give your sofa a new lease on life, the right fabric can make all the difference.

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A World of Patterned Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery fabric are more than just coverings - they're the heart and soul of your furniture's look. When it comes to personalizing your living space, upholstery fabrics play a pivotal role, far beyond mere coverings. They embody the essence and character of your furniture, influencing the ambiance and aesthetic of your home.

Fabricmill is here to guide you through the many styles and patterns. Our goal is to help you find the perfect fabric that fits your style and makes your home look great.

Floral Upholstery Fabric

Floral patterns bring a touch of nature indoors, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere. You'll find everything from the soft look of vintage floral upholstery fabric to bold magnolia fabric.

There's a floral pattern for every mood. Don't forget about flora  velvet upholstery fabric—a layer of luxury and comfort to your living spaces, making them feel even more welcoming.

Animal Print Upholstery Fabric

Let your wild side show with animal print fabric. Fabrics like leopard print fabric, zebra print fabric, and cheetah print fabric add a dynamic and exotic touch to any room. 

For those who prefer a more subtle approach, consider dog print fabric, cat fabric, or bird fabric. Whether you're making a statement piece or adding accents, animal prints bring an element of excitement to your decor.

Insects: Butterfly Fabric, Dragonfly Fabric, and Bee Fabric

You might not first think of insects for your home decor. But fabrics with butterflies, dragonfly fabric, and bee fabric can be playful and charming. These patterns are great for adding a fun touch to kids' rooms or as unique accents elsewhere.

Nautical Upholstery Fabric and Tropical Upholstery Fabric

Love the sea or dream of a tropical vacation? Tropical fabric and nautical fabrics can bring those feelings into your home. Coastal home designs, with their soothing blue and beach pattern, create a serene environment.

Meanwhile, tropical print fabric features lush plants and vivid colors, perfect for a more vibrant and lively setting.

Upholstery Classics: From Polka Dot and Striped Fabrics to Paisley and Damask Fabrics

Timeless elegance is easily achieved with classic prints like polka dot fabric, herringbone fabric, houndstooth fabric, and striped fabric. Classic patterns provide a stable foundation for any decor style and furniture reupholstery.

For something a little different to your furnishings, curved patterns like ikat fabric, paisley fabric, and damask fabric are the choices. Perfect for adding depth and interest to a room.

Retro Fabric or Vintage Fabric

Retro upholstery fabric is a nod to the past, bringing the vibrant designs of vintage upholstery fabric and mid century upholstery fabric into the present. Ideal for creating a nostalgic vibe. These fabrics remind us of simpler times with their unique patterns and colors, making any space feel more personal and inviting.

Bohemian Upholstery Fabric

Boho fabric, or bohemian fabric, is all about expressing your free spirit through upholstering. Their mix of patterns, colors, and textures is perfect for a cozy and relaxed home. Boho fabrics are the right way to make your space feel personal and comfortable.

Contemporary Upholstery Fabric

For a contemporary look, clean, simple, and elegant modern fabrics are the way to go. These upholstery fabrics are perfect for stylish and cutting-edge design trends. Their minimalist patterns and sophisticated color palettes make this fabric an ideal choice for those seeking a sleek, updated look in their living spaces.

Asian Upholstery Fabric

Asian fabrics, like chinoiserie fabric, Japanese fabric, and Chinese fabric, add an exotic touch to any decor. Featuring intricate patterns and motifs, they're detailed and show off centuries of art tradition, adding a worldly feel to any room.

African Upholstery Fabric

African fabric is known for their vibrant colors and bold patterns, introducing a powerful and energetic vibe to your space. Celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the African continent. These fabrics can transform any room into a lively and spirited environment.

Conclusion: Creating a Dream Space with All Types of Upholstery Fabric

In our journey through the colorful world of upholstery fabrics, we have shown that the right choice is the one you make yourself. Your choice of fabric can breathe new life into your furniture and, as a result, your entire home. Whether it's the natural beauty and comfort of floral upholstery fabrics or the sleek sophistication of modern designs, the array of options allows for endless creativity and personalization.

Upholstery Type

Ambiance it Gives

Use Locations in House

Floral Upholstery Fabric

Adds a fresh, inviting, and natural touch. Ideal for a vibrant and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Commonly used in living rooms, sunrooms, and guest bedrooms for a welcoming and lively feel.

Animal Print Upholstery Fabric

Introduces a dynamic, exotic, and bold vibe. Perfect for making a statement and adding personality.

Often used in accent pieces like armchairs or ottomans in living areas or studies to add a focal point.

Butterfly, Dragonfly, Bee Fabric

Playful and charming, these patterns can add a whimsical and joyful atmosphere.

Suitable for children's rooms, play areas, or as unique accents in casual living spaces.

Nautical & Tropical Upholstery Fabric

Brings in serene, coastal, or vibrant jungle vibes, creating a relaxing or energetic environment.

Ideal for themed rooms, sunrooms, or spaces aiming for a vacation-like feel, like bedrooms or lounges.

Classic Patterns (Polka Dot, Striped, etc.)

Offers timeless elegance and stability, providing a grounded and sophisticated ambiance.

Versatile use in various rooms, including dining rooms, offices, and bedrooms for a refined touch.

Retro or Vintage Fabric

Evokes nostalgia and a unique charm, adding personality and warmth.

Best suited for themed spaces, creative studios, or as statement pieces in living areas.

Bohemian Upholstery Fabric

Expresses a free-spirited, eclectic, and cozy vibe, perfect for personalized and relaxed spaces.

Common in informal living areas, meditation or yoga rooms, and anywhere a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere is desired.

Modern Upholstery Fabric

Conveys a clean, sophisticated, and contemporary look, ideal for sleek and updated interiors.

Favored in modern living rooms, offices, and minimalist spaces for a chic and polished appearance.

Asian Upholstery Fabric

Adds an exotic and intricate touch, bringing in depth and cultural richness.

Often used in themed rooms or as accent pieces in living and dining areas for an elegant flair.

African Upholstery Fabric

Introduces vibrant colors and bold patterns, creating an energetic and lively ambiance.

Suitable for statement pieces in living areas, creative spaces, or anywhere a burst of energy and color is desired.


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